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nyappy fun
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takuya makes my world go round

Which GAR man is for you?

♥ SIMON - the cute creative love
The cute guys with hidden talent will win and melt your heart easily. He may start off as a very shy and low self esteem person at the beginning, but if you'll always be there for him to encourage and praise him, he will realize how much you care for him. This will eventually make him gain trust and appreciation for you, and believe me, his memories of being with you will last for the longest time. When he is showered with your kindness, he will keep to his promises for anything he makes to you. He is very creative in showing his love to you, usually they are made from his own bare hands and from the bottom of his heart. Sweet potential skillful man like him just needs to be assured to avoid any uneccessary breakdowns. When he does have his down times, you need to understand his reasons and give him some space to cool down. After that, you can gurantee that he will never fail to make you happy and content. If you can keep on giving him fuel, you'll surely be grateful to have a real special man right beside you thru thick or thin.
your compatible zodiacs: cancer; virgo; gemini; saggitaurius; pisces
other potential types: type 01; type 03; type 04
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